Intuit has long advocated for tax simplification reform for American taxpayers. As we first said in testimony before Congress back in 2005, “tax simplification is in the best interest of the nation, our citizens, and the government itself”.

We have consistently supported efforts that seek to empower and strengthen the independent role of the taxpayer in matters of their own taxation.

An individual’s active engagement in preparing their tax return in Voluntary Compliance is the backbone of the American tax system, empowering them and their families with a better understanding of their true financial picture.  We have long believed this is best achieved by making taxes easier, which increases a citizen’s understanding and control of their own finances.

Intuit will be ready to deliver the new 1040 and other tax changes and reforms to taxpayers, assisting the IRS and Treasury as they implement the new tax legislation for the nation.

We look forward to delivering innovative solutions that will deliver on the promise of tax simplification reform for the U.S. taxpayer.


APRIL 14, 2005 – Hearing before the Subcommittee on Oversight, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives

Comments by Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit:

“Tax simplification benefits everyone and is the right policy direction. The fact is that the technology industry that invented income tax software can also greatly simplify and facilitate whatever tax system needs we may have in the future, for both consumers and small business, where the vast bulk of compliance burdens would otherwise lie. Having said this, it is also clear from our experience with millions of taxpayer customers that there is extensive complexity in the tax system that would plainly benefit from simplification and clarification in the best interest of the nation, our citizens, and the government itself.”