For 30 years, Intuit has been guided by a simple mission: to improve the financial lives of our customers.

And while you may not immediately recognize our company’s name, you’ll find millions of American homes and businesses using our products — Quicken, TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, to name a few.

Over the decades, people and small businesses have turned to us to help them simplify their lives and solve their financial challenges. Our innovations have empowered consumers and small businesses to take the management of their financial affairs into their own hands – economically, securely and with confidence. Things like managing family finances. Running a small business. Making health care choices. Filing and paying taxes. The important, day-to-day tasks that aren’t always easy, but are necessary.

We’ve been at their sides since 1983, gaining insight and applying invention and innovation to make life easier. The results speak for themselves:

  • We help more than 55 million Americans prepare and file their taxes every year.
  • We help 5 million entrepreneurs run their small businesses and pay the more than 1 million employees who work for them.
  • We help 5 million people save more than $10 billion toward their financial goals.

We’ve learned along the way, from both our successes and our mistakes. And what we’ve gained is invaluable: a foundation of knowledge based on countless conversations with customers, tempered with technological expertise that anticipates trends and changes with the times.

Today, we’ve decided to apply what we’ve learned in a new way: stepping into the public square, with the practical knowledge we have developed over the years, to participate in discussions on important matters of public policy that concern our customers, our company, and the broader economy.

We believe there has never been a more important time for corporate citizens to speak up on topics where they have expertise to offer. America’s economy is healing and growing once again, yet families and small businesses every day face difficult and challenging financial situations. We live these experiences first-hand, and believe we can offer insights on public policy solutions that can make a positive difference.

Lawmakers and policy makers have a tough job. At a time when gridlock is the rule rather than the exception, we hope that sharing our voice will help provide a broader perspective and dialogue, contributing ideas that can help advance constructive policies in productive, thoughtful ways.

Moving forward, we’ll share insights or ideas that we believe can simplify the financial lives of individuals and small businesses. And when we do, we’ll tell it exactly how we see it, speaking with the same spirit of integrity that’s built into every one of our products and at the heart of our corporate values. That is what our customers expect from us, and what we expect from ourselves. It’s what we call “integrity without compromise.” In short, we stand behind everything we do and say. And if we fall short, we admit it and apply the lessons we have learned.

We believe that our nation’s best days are still ahead of us, and that an open dialogue between the public, policy makers, and private and civil sectors can lead to policies that make life better for all Americans. Working together, we hope to play an active role in that dialogue, encouraging vigorous debate to develop public policy solutions that benefit society.

At the same time, we respect the other voices in the discussion, including those who may not agree. Mutual respect is essential to constructive discourse in the public square, and it is going to be core to breaking gridlock, finding consensus, and moving our country forward in the best ways possible. We look forward to the dialogue ahead.

This piece is part of Intuit’s series on “Empowering People’s Financial Lives.” For more, please see: Intuit’s Hub