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  • Financial: Education and Training

    STEM Education: Vital to Our Economic Future

    Today’s students face a world full of challenges. And a future full of opportunity.  New industries and emerging technologies are all interconnected globally.  Given these challenges, education and training have never been more important. Together, they represent a dividing line between economic opportunity and economic limitations. As millions of students go back to school this fall,…

    September 15th, 2016

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  • Tax: Tax Reform

    Intuit Statement on Tax Reform

    Intuit is pleased Government is taking up tax reform and tax simplification and moving toward Congressional consideration of this critical priority.  We recognize that these issues will evolve as Congress works through the legislative process. Intuit has long advocated for tax simplification for individuals, families, small businesses and the self-employed.   Our mission to “Power…

    November 02nd, 2017

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  • Tax: Tax Reform

    Tax Simplification Must Be Part of Tax Reform Agenda

    Both the new Congress and the new administration have stated their deep commitment to enacting meaningful tax reform in 2017.  We recognize this will not be easy, nor will it happen without significant compromises on all sides. We also recognize that agreeing on a process of reform may be as challenging as the actual reform…

    December 09th, 2016

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